AMIRI “Venice Beach SS24

Holding a fashion show in Venice Beach would create a significant impact for the AMIRI label and its reputation as Los Angeles’ top fashion brand. Venice Beach is known for its eclectic and bohemian vibe, which would provide the perfect backdrop for AMIRI. The unique feature of the set design is the lifeguard tower runway steps placing the “look” on full display for the invitees. The combination of the brand’s innovative designs and the iconic setting of Venice Beach would create a memorable experience for attendees and galvanize AMIRI as the leading player in the fashion industry.

AMIRI “Palm Weekender”

The weekender bag serves as a staple to the AMIRI men’s line. The bag I designed is an ode to the crystal leather biker jacket. I matched the leather to the color of quartz sand found along the California coast beaches. The calfskin-black leather handles attach to teak wood details, branded with the MA insignia. The “sand” and “palm green” cut leather protruding off the bag showcases the craftsmanship AMIRI is best known for executing.

AMIRI “Bandana Beach Set”

A beach umbrella is an essential accessory for residents in a warm and sunny climate. I designed an AMIRI branded set featuring the bandana umbrella and two matching teak wood foldable chairs. It provides much-needed shade from the sun and protects against harmful UV rays, making outdoor activities more comfortable and enjoyable.

Amiri x Rimowa “Bandana Luggage Collection

Rimowa luggage is an essential accessory for jet setters due to its reputation for durability, versatility, and design. I created a collaboration AMIRI set that combines the iconic aluminum shell with the bandana print. Together, they offer both protection for belongings and a sleek aesthetic that makes a statement while navigating through airports.